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arts and crafts

Find a craftsman all trades in the field of building near you or simply create objects in a traditional way

Qualified professionals certified qualibat and RGE

The building craftsmen are near you, for all types of work to be carried out.


  • sanitary installer is to supply drinking water and gas
  • prepares the pipes and the inlet and outlet pipes
  • upkeep-maintenance and upgrading
  • generated in the event of a leak

Heating engineer

  • thermal and sanitary installer
  • profusion and constant temperature
  • heat pumps
  • natural gas, LPG, fuel oil, wood, solar


  • The locksmith-metalworker designs, manufactures and installs
  • ferrous metals (stainless steel, pure iron)
  • non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper and alloys, brass, bronze)
  • protect homes: closures, locks, shielding


  • Bathroom tiles, terraces ...
  • Mosaic tile
  • porcelain or glazed stoneware
  • enamelled lava


  • the structure of a building
  • framing floor
  • wood frame
  • build stairs
  • habitable attic


  • repairs and maintains roofs
  • weather protection
  • tiles, slates, thatch, metals
  • solar panels and tiles, roof windows


  • the foundations, pour the slab, assemble the walls and partitions
  • laying the floors, this is called the "shell"
  • composite materials
  • mortar, cement, plaster, resin ...
  • rehabilitation of historical monuments


  • manufactures finishing elements
  • windows, shutters, doors, partitions, cupboards
  • ensure the arrangement of kitchens, living spaces
  • insulating materials, windows


  • designs, installs, maintains and troubleshoots networks
  • install the electrical panels
  • install lighting equipment
  • electric cable installation


  • plasterer-plasterer
  • realizes plasterboard or brick ceilings
  • decorate (plasters, decorative elements) and insulate
  • plasterers assemble plasterboard by screwing


  • technical and decorative services
  • to find colors and materials in harmony
  • facades, interior walls, ceilings, doors
  • other coverings, such as wallpapers, carpets


  • The stonemason exercises ancestral know-how
  • marble as granite, limestone or sandstone
  • designs, to measure, architectural elements in freestone
  • in funerary activity, mainly on monuments in polished granite.


  • You have a broken window after a burglary
  • installation of burglar-proof glass in your home
  • replacement of any type of glazing
  • single glass, laminated glass, PVC windows, isothermal glass, velux ...


  • Sanitation, cleaning and disgorging of your piping
  • from waste treatment to connection to the whole sewer
  • Wastewater treatment, unblocking and cleaning of your pipes
  • septic tank emptying, disgorging with a ferret or pump, water sewer truck

Home renovation

  • plumbing work (blocked toilet and sink, unblocking of pipes, etc.)
  • replacement of any type of seal and valve, leak detection
  • the disgorging of any pipe (even embedded pipe)
  • replacement of faucet, installation of electric or gas boiler and water heater
  • the installation of walk-in shower, bathroom renovation, installation of sani-grinder, chemical toilets

building craftsman object to create artisanal

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