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Hello, I'm on vacation at the moment, but I may be online and the quote request form is under development. Thanks see you soon! ;)

PHP Website Project WP

Here is the website project wp fullstack useful file download page


Website Project (WP) was created for your future showcase site, to be simple, without Frameworks, without CMS, requires no database, consumes less, and optimized to the maximum

Developer & Designer

AlexonbStudio, PHPMailer, Joomla, Prisacari Dmitrii, Joshua Gigg, Google, startbootstrap, bootstrapmade, Bootstrap, FontAwesome & ...

The functionality

Contact form, SEO, Json-LD, social networks, Tracking, Chatbot, Sharing, Captcha, phone number verification, composer, SERP, SEM, generator sitemap intern

The links


2.2.0 (Stable)


invoicing is offered in freelance from the work has already been carried out in all transparency.

Business commitment:


Hours to work:

71 hours


From €11502HT

Your future site:

To make changes may be possible but the design will be adapted please make a canvas you the site to your template

Without help:

This software is free, but you have the skills you have permission to resell it. Unless you make changes and indicate the author.

Commercial Version:

This software has a commercial version available on github in private and you do not need to indicate the author.


download file zip wp website project wp php contact form fullstack frontend seo serp social networks tracking chatbot share button captcha phone verification mobile fix fax voip line

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The results

We share the results in public with all transparency every years.


Hard Work
190 €

1665 €

Benefit Crypto
105 €


Our tools

let's encrypt
Google Cloud