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Hello, I'm on vacation at the moment, but I may be online and the quote request form is under development. Thanks see you soon! ;)

Why put a part to your project?

Projects that I have decided to put some one away for free, which are worth a certain amount, the time of work based on research and implementation for not that long.
As new projects come in takes time.
And I will delegate some task!

What are your fundraising funds that you need?

Donation type financing funds are generally shared web hosting and domain name for the moment of an annual amount of 109.04 €, if this the amount exceeds, I will delegate some task or else to you booklet a T-shirt, Mug, Mask or Ebook of your choice in the shops or an amazon card under the quote in euros and will be issued on social networks in public which will be used first. thank you in advance

Crypto currency

Crypto currency

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The results

We share the results in public with all transparency every years.


Hard Work
190 €

1665 €

Benefit Crypto
105 €


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